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Will J. Belton, OZFG Chairman, Former President of AAmagin Property Group has over 25 years’ experience in the development of affordable housing and other real estate properties. He has been developer, principal or consultant for 1,973 units valued at $216 Million since 1994, including a providing consulting for a 452 unit Ritz Carlton Hotel, New Orleans. From 2010 thru 2017 as President and CEO of Port Cameron a start-up privately held company, Will promoted a deep water, shore based, and oil and gas service facilities in Cameron Parish, Louisiana navigated and guided through all local, state and federal regulatory permits required for construction, including but not limited to all master planning and staffing for creation logistics center in Cameron Parish, and procedure development; budget preparation and administration, including planning and development of the Port Cameron Emergency Response Center for recovery from man-made and/or natural disasters in the Gulf of Mexico and Cameron community. Excellent educational background, B.S. Degree Marketing/Management with over 30 hours at accredited law school, Southern University Law Center.

Martin W. Johnson, OZFG President, is a leader in Central Louisiana.  A long-time member of the banking community, Martin served in every position from teller to President. As Regions Bank President of Central Louisiana, he was responsible for not only the consumer and commercial divisions of the bank but he was also the market leader for Regions Mortgage, Regions Insurance, and Morgan Keegan Investment Banking, a subsidiary of Regions Bank. Mr. Johnson was with Regions Bank for 4 years. Prior to Regions, he was a Senior Vice President with Capital One Bank, which acquired Hibernia Bank in 2005. Mr. Johnson was with Hibernia/Capital One for 20 years.  Since 2012, Mr. Johnson has been involved in international trade and finance in China and Tanzania.  He is also currently Ward Holdings International President of Africa.  In addition, Mr. Johnson has done mission work in Haiti with the National Baptist Convention of America.  He has served as Chairman of the Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority, the England Authority dba Alexandria International Airport, the Central Louisiana Community Foundation, the Central Louisiana Business League, and the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce. He has also served as Secretary/Treasurer of the CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Foundation Board and as a board member on the State of Louisiana Commerce and Industry Board and CHRISTUS Health Central Louisiana. Since February 2009, he has served as the Chief Financial Advisor of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions Baptist State Convention.  He currently serves as a board member for the Central Louisiana Pro Bono Project, CHRISTUS Health Louisiana and The Southern University System Foundation.  He is the National Baptist Convention of America Chairman of the Commission on Community and Economic Development and serves as a Deacon at St. Matthew Baptist Church.  He lives in Alexandria, Louisiana with his wife and daughters.     

EJES, Inc., Partner, founded in 1997, is a professional architecture & civil engineering (A/E) design and consulting firm. As a member of Opportunity Zone Fund Group, LLC (“OZFG”), EJES value add to OZFG brings a strategic element to the development and financing processes of OZFG Project Pipeline. EJES has a diverse portfolio, in-house multi-discipline professionals, and an integrated project delivery process that ensures that each project can be efficient bid and constructed. With a “total quality control system”, EJES’s in-house services allow the firm to manage each project from early planning stages onto completion, and in accordance with customer’s requirements. 

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP is currently serving as Opportunity Zone Fund Group, LLC (‘OZFG”) accountants and business advisors for several residential rental and commercial projects which resides in Opportunity Zones as defined in Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. OZFG has created financial pro-forma for which Baker Tilly has been formally engaged to prepare financial projections which include an internal rate of return schedule taking into account the tax attributes of the Opportunity Zone legislation. 

Apex Now Corp, Partner,  A General Contracting, Telecommunication Installation, Construction Planning and Management Firm providing Pre-Construction, Project Management and full-service Design- Build solutions to public and private clients from conceptual design through development. We are a team led by Duran Houston that is capable of delivering on time, on budget projects. Project Management and Construction Processes, Construction Management and Inventory Management, Regulatory Compliance and Policy Development Management, Green Business Development & Expansion, Design Build capabilities

OZFG Key Leadership Group & Team Personnel

Will J. Belton,  as Chairman of OZFG oversees management and/or coordination of business, finance and development including management duties and responsibilities related to affordable housing developments, master planning, restructure, reorganizations, rehabilitations, acquisitions, debt restructuring and management.


Martin W. Johnson, as President of OZFG oversees accounting and audited requirements for all QO Funds certified by the US Departments of Treasury CDFI Fund including all corporate financial accounting. 

EJES brings in-house OZFG Project Pipeline requirements and responsibility for environmental compliance, infrastructure/site development, architecture, public works, transportation engineering, water resources and construction management. 

Relevant Experience

Will J. Belton from 2010 thru 2017 as President and CEO navigated and guided Port Cameron, LLC, a privately held company, promoting a deep water, shore based, and oil and gas service facilities in Cameron Parish, Louisiana through all local, state and federal regulatory permits required for construction . The goal was to provide Louisiana with added deep water access on both sides of the state; guaranteeing continued service and commitment to the expansion of oil and natural gas exploration, production, conversion, and exportation. Port Cameron, LLC will be an integral part of the economic stimulus Southwest Louisiana offers to safeguard America’s role as an energy independent global leader of Port Cameron. Port Cameron project total development cost is $1.2 Billion Dollars. 

While we are a multi-faceted group of developers, our primary interest is to make the Transformational Development of Targeted Communities our top priority. We have identified key members from each of our lead agencies to devote 100% of their time and energies to this project. Our goal is to garner a long term professional relationship with the Transformational Development of Targeted Communities Again, while a portion of this work will be simultaneous with our proposed schedule for the Transformational Development of Targeted Communities; we have ample consulting staff and resources to bring this effort to a successful and timely completion. 

Also, in the latter part of the 1990s, opening in 2000, Will J. Belton was a consultant for LTPG who redeveloped the old Maison Blanche Building and 4 other historic buildings located on famous Canal Street in New Orleans, LA into a luxury hotel complex anchored by a 450 room Ritz-Carlton. Originally built in 1901, the building was operating as an office building with the bottom three floors being occupied by its namesake department store, Maison Blanche. The project coupled bond financing with Historic Tax Credit Equity and a Façade Donation and consists of 3 separate luxury hotels including the Ritz-Carlton, Iberville Suites and the ultra high-end Maison Orleans boutique hotel which now serves as a Ritz-Carlton Club. In addition to the hotels, the complex also contains a large spa, commercial space, a 450 space parking garage and a private penthouse owned by Stewart Juneau which offers the best views (and parties…) to be found anywhere in the City. A complete description of the Ritz-Carlton – New Orleans can be found at

EJES is well-recognized as an experienced Federal contractor, and we have a strong track record of success as a prime AE consultant for Federal projects. We have serviced a wide range of clients for multiple disciplines.  EJES has successfully executed Type I Architect-Engineer services and Type II Construction Administration services for multiple contracts and task orders. Additionally, some of our staff members are certified under USACE’s Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQMC) program. A complete description of EJES can be found at

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OZFG Business Model 

OZFG QO Zone Investment Fund equity includes a contribution of all Architecture, Engineering and Permitting requirements for each QO Zone Project. Our OZFG QO Zone financial model is intended to deliver annual cash on cash return as part of an overall blended internal rate of return of 25%, with exit at the end of the 10 year life of the Opportunity Zone investment. Addi­tionally, OZFG affiliate Private Commercial Fund, Inc. (PCF), a Securities Exchange Commission registered lender financing activities for OZFG QO Zone Project bond municipal debt to add value to OZFG Investment QO Zone Fund tax equity investment blended IRR. 

Also, in the OZFG business model with Private Commercial Fund buys project municipal bond debt instruments with the prime mortgage lien on underlying real estate can potentially double the investment over the long term of the investment. The liability and repayment of same can be resold in the open bond market to recapture original bond underwriting cost and investment with participation options for reinvestment of the capital in other Opportunity Zone investment opportunities. To date OZFG has identified over 1000 mostly shovel ready residential and commercial/technology shovel ready opportunities representing approximately six hundred thirty-Five million dollars ($635,000,000) of QO Zone investment and one billion seven hundred-million dollars ($1,700,000,000) of bond debt for immediate investment and development in opportunity zones in several U S cities. Additionally, OZFG has invested predevelopment dollars in third party architectural design drawings, engineering plans & specs, environmental reports, site control and market studies. 

Our group is working with municipalities to secure site control of surplus land from the city and county land re-utilization agencies. The underlining security for each Opportunity Zone residential and commercial investment will include real estate and other securities. 

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